Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Local Villager Mining for Gold and Gems in Thailand

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Local Villager Mining for Gold and Gems in Thailand
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Image by Captain Kimo

Mining for gem and gold in Thailand is hard work, but from what I was told it's all worth it. As I'm taking photos they work exhaustively under the sun. I tell them I'm also mining for gold, but my gold is in photos, except I don't have to work as hard. However, I'm sure when they find that giant size nugget it will probably be worth more than all my photography assets combined.

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1-17th Infantry helps clear 120 kilometers to Shorabak [Image 6 of 22]
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Sgt. Tim Martin, an infantryman with Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, shows evidence of the long journey after returning from Operation Buffalo Thunder II at Forward Operating Base Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, July 2, 2012. During the eight-day mission, Afghan and American forces cleared more than 120 kilometers of rugged terrain and escorted approximately 60 truckloads of humanitarian aid for distribution to the people of Shorabak.
117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (Hawaii)
Photo by Staff Sgt. Brendan Mackie
Date Taken:07.02.2012
Read more: www.dvidshub.net/image/619195/1-17th-infantry-helps-clear...

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Image by Umme Salma Hamdani
High key image...