Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Check out these cat image images:

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Image by clyderob
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Decaying Cat
cat image
Image by Umpqua
This is a "living" project.

Back in high school I developed a negative image of a friend's cat and purposly under-fixed it. The photo has been slowly decaying, changing colors and textures, for 17 years now.

Pacific Partnership 2012 [Image 3 of 10]
cat image
A kitten is nestled in the trouser pocket of a U.S. soldier during a Pacific Partnership 2012 veterinary project in the town of San Juan in Samar province, Philippines, June 21, 2012. Pacific Partnership is an annual deployment of forces designed to strengthen maritime and humanitarian partnerships during disaster relief operations, while providing humanitarian, medical, dental and engineering assistance to nations of the Pacific. (Photo by Camelia Montoy)
Defense Imagery Management Operations Center
Date Taken:06.20.2012
Location:SAN JUAN, PH
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