Saturday, February 7, 2015

That looks about right..

Check out these digital picture frame images:

That looks about right..
digital picture frame
Image by Jah-hoo-ah
I had to do a bunch of shots for my B&W film class with artificial light. So, being the curious person I am, took some with my digital just to make sure I was going to like them.. I liked quite a few of them, and they will be getting posted here shortly.. Also, my models wanted to see what the pictures looked like.

Mermaid Parade @ Coney Island 2010 - 015
digital picture frame
Image by Whiskeygonebad
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is one of those events that you just have to look at the pictures to describe. See my other sets of this annual event and the site below for more info on it. If you ever visit NYC in late June, just be there. Get thee out of stuffy Manhattan. A Pink fishcycle: Great idea with the mesh frame so you don't get blown over with a typical one of cardboard!! I bet the designer is a Burning Man attendee. (If you have to ask me what's that, don't)

Sights on Rainier
digital picture frame
Image by papalars
View On Black

My sons and I have been training to climb the mountain in view to the right of the frame. Today we loaded up about 50 lbs. into our packs and made a quick assent to the top of Mt. Si in about 2 hours. We are a bit tired this evening but are now ready to climb Rainier next week after about 8 months of training. We first climbed Mt. Si (this mountain on which we are perched for these pictures) in January. It was freezing back then, covered with snow and blowing like crazy at the top. There are more pictures below from this rock and other places at the top of Si. see: & for some ideas.

Rainier looks a little small here but we know we will feel all of 14,410 ft through our bodies in about 7 days