Sunday, February 1, 2015

057 // 365 - FGHJKLÖÄ

Check out these photo letters images:

057 // 365 - FGHJKLÖÄ
photo letters
Image by Frank Lindecke
I like green, i like my Mac and i also like the keyboard they made.
Ich mag grün, ich mag meinen Mac und ich mag die Tastatur die sie gebaut haben.

Dickens and the Writing Box, Spitalfields Market, London
photo letters
Image by World of Good
Excerpt from Charles Dickens, writing in the magazine he co-owned, Household Words (see for more). Actually, I think this may have been an article he co-wrote with fellow owner WH Wills.
Seb & Fiona created this piece with design agency Imagist and architects Jestico + Whiles. It's a great way to turn a functional bit of a building into a passers-by delight.

Here's a view from another side, with some writing by local author Jeanette Winterson (famed, in an appropriately fruity way, for Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit)

photo letters
Image by scottfeldstein
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