Monday, January 19, 2015

Nice Edit Photos photos

A few nice edit photos images I found:

Hermosa Beach Waves at Night (Redux)
edit photos
Image by cobalt123
Beautiful ocean waves, seen at night and shot from the pier at Hermosa Beach with a point a shoot camera three years ago. Why have I uploaded this new version? For one, I have now learned more photo editing skills and it was great to re-visit this image and try it again. See the original from 2006 here. This redux version is higher res and uses a more blue cast, with levels, channels, curves and Gaussian blur to improve it.

Now, what called this to my attention? Well that would be a phone call from the New York Times asking if I could send along the image and original for a possible publication in a fashion article.

It took me hours to search through all the CD's I'd saved in back-ups to fine the original. This was before I had my external hard drives for back-ups. How did someone from the NYTimes find this image? The tags, and I am sort of a tag queen with flickr. The artist must have searched on "waves" and my image came up among thousands on flickr. Next, I had to wait weeks to learn whether the artist did decide on my image over other images to use in the layout.

For the rest of the story, see the next image...

Global Warming in Red Shoes
edit photos
Image by Lorenzo Pasqualis
Roslyn, WA.

View large on black please

A not-so-subtle edit of a picture of Roslyn I took a few weeks ago. I used this before, and this is a second take on the same theme.

Messing with pixels.

Credits for some of the elements:
Waterfall by derekp
Shoes by striatic