Friday, January 2, 2015

Cool Canvas Photo images

A few nice canvas photo images I found:

canvas photo
Image by derek_
Trying to hook Roberto C. Madruga with a canvas.

"Drained" by Lori Earley 27/50 (closeup)
canvas photo
Image by Nathan Marciniak
Again, you can't really do it justice on the 'ol computer monitor but this at least gives you a hint. I sharpened 'er up a bit to enhance the canvas texture. I could very easily tell anyone this was an original oil and they'd believe me. But that's because I surround myself with the mentally retarded. No but seriously, maybe not to art geeks, but to the average layman it looks downright oily. Maybe even I'd be convinced if I didn't know better.

This to me is what fine art is all about; with music you can provide the masses with a proper reproduction of the art but with paintings not so much. How many folks actually get to go to the gallery shows? This thing allows me to have kick ass art in my home without having to fly to California or New York. I'm sure the original is still much cooler and the other 5000 bits of stimuli involved but dammit I still dig it.

My first major art purchase. One of Lori Earley's stunning, hyper-naturally gorgeous babes printed on canvas and mounted by yours truly. Pain in the ass! No fancy pants tools just me my aching hands and a staple gun. (frankly, for what I paid for this I sure would've liked to get it already mounted, but hey whaddaya gonna do?) Illuminated by fancy pants Solux fixture. Overall I'm stoked, it is the cat's pajamas even though this lousy photo of course does not do it justice. But fer cryin' out loud that's why you buy prints to look at in the real world, aina? Now go look up Lori Earley and check out paintings so beautiful it hurts!

sammie manip
canvas photo
Image by Dave DeSandro
Manipulation of Sammie 'oil of ulay' by ZalUk using the canvas element.