Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nice Upload Photos photos

Check out these upload photos images:

Amanda beautifying herself
upload photos
Image by gwilmore (I HATE THE NEW LAYOUT!)
During the weekend I uploaded this portrait, I did not take a single new picture. This one was already two weeks old when I pulled it from my archives and went to work on it. And it did require quite a bit of work, although I liked the basic image when I saw it on my LCD screen, and later on my computer. I wish I had had better lighting for it, though.

I am putting it here now as a sort of trial balloon. Depending on what kind of reception it gets, I might decide later on to replace it, or perhaps remove it from my stream altogether. Meanwhile, it is probably the last photo from that shoot that I will be putting on Flickr, although Amanda might contact me again soon and tell me it's time for me to show up once more at MacAlpine's to attend another of her one-on-one photography classes. :-)

Mercedes in Red
upload photos
Image by Giorgos~
I could not resist uploading one more shot of the same car, since I felt the presence of some flickr fans around here ...See another detail of the same beauty here...

This shot is the result of a multiple exposure process and experimenting. I used three shots +-1 stop each, combined them with Photomatrix Pro and produced a tonemapped file. Then, I used one of the three elements (the most dark) to combine it with the tonemapped file and created another version of hdr, the 'highlights and shadows'. Finally, I combined the first tonemaped file with the latter (highlights and shadows) and got the work file which I then processed with photoshop in order to get rid of some background items with various tools and filters, and to finaly crop the image to a desired size. Oughghghgh....that was it!

upload photos
Image by NCinDC
I uploaded this shot in b&w, so now I'm trying sepia.

I like it better this way...I think.