Friday, December 5, 2014

Nice Online Photo Editor photos

Some cool online photo editor images:

(Victoria Park Port Elizabeth South Africa
online photo editor
Image by The World Wants a Real Deal
Please dont forget to attach your photos - and include your name, the
location of your vigil, your phone number, and a quick sentence or two about
your event .

If your files are too large to attach to this email please upload them to first and then email us the link. Thanks!

Photos from Vigil at Victoria Park Port Elizabeth South Africa

Host Dusty Brennan phone number 0027 (0) 834664683

These photos have taken a while to obtain as I had to obtain permission from
the Editor of Die Burger newspaper before uploading them.

An online interview was done with SAFM and With an Afrikaans Radio station
Radio sonder grense which means radio without boundries
This will be uploaded and the voice over sent to you as permissdion has to
be obtained for that as well.

The earth charter was read as well as the declaration sent to me from Avaaz.
I had a t shirt made with the logo on it and I feel this should be done to
raise funds for Avaaz
Ricken I would like to become more activly envolved as I feel a lot more
could be done

Alive and Peace to all

Dusty Brennan

Historic Buildings - Deady Hall
online photo editor
Image by Erik R. Bishoff
Deady hall, currently being treated for a bad case of asbestos, contains the oldest classroom on the University campus.
Erik R. Bishoff | Online & Photo Editor