Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soaring Spaceward

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Soaring Spaceward
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Image by NASA on The Commons
Collection: Kennedy Image Gallery
Title: Soaring Spaceward

Description: A Delta IV rocket soars into the sky with the GOES-O satellite aboard despite the attempts of Florida's typical seasonal weather to thwart the launch. Liftoff was at 6:51 p.m. EDT from Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. June 27, 2009 Photo credit: NASA/Jack Pfaller

Date: 6/29/09
Source: www.archive.org/details/363646main_2009-3857_full
Identifier: 363646main_2009-3857 _full

SOURCE: nasaimages.org/luna/servlet/detail/NVA2~46~46~78463~135527

Visit www.nasaimages.org for the most comprehensive compilation of NASA stills, film and video, created in partnership with Internet Archive.

'over the hill' - kid with wineglass
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Image by the|G|™



i was recently lucky enough to attend the opening of a superb exhibition of photography entitled 'over the hill'.

the exhibition constitutes a visual and conceptual photographic 'journey' featuring tim andrews.

tim was a practising lawyer when diagnosed with parkinsons disease in 2005.

less than a year passed before tim could no longer practice law due to his ongoing illness.

the photographic journey began after tim answered an ad calling for subjects willing to pose nude for a series of work involving 'real' people and not models.

subsequent to that shoot, various photographers, from professional to amateur, have made work featuring tim.

the 55 photographs that make up the exhibition are as varied and eclectic as the photographers themselves.

the work that i am posting here is not necessarily meant to be a visual representation of the exhibition itself, rather, it constitutes incidental and accidental images that reflect my experience of the exhibition opening.

i am personally familiar with julian holtom and solarixx [see links below], two exceptionally gifted photographers whose work is included in the exhibition, and i had the distinct pleasure of attending the opening with jules [my thanks to you sir].

the exhibition is taking place in the wayfarers arcade [southport - north west england].

go if you can, the work is exceptional and the cause is extremely worthy.


tim andrews blog:


donations can be made here:



jules work:

jules stream:


solarixx work:

solarixx stream:


parkinsons disease foundation:

parkinsons uk:

parkinsons disease [wiki]:


please make a donation if you can.



La Route Blanche / Hall Light
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Image by Dominic's pics
Image of the atrium, part of an installation by the french artist Dominique De Beir
called "La Route Blanche" exhibited at
Fabrica Art Gallery in Brighton, East Sussex. Part of a set of photographs.