Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nice Upload Image photos

Check out these upload image images:

Light Test
upload image
Image by stenz
Every time I come back from a studio shoot with models, I upload images into Lightroom, and then go through and rate them (stars).

I can then go through and sort by rating and pick which ones to adjust further, and then export and process in Photoshop - that's the workflow.

As I run across amusing (to me) light tests, prior to any adjustments, I upload them here.

Here's the first light test from my new D700.

I'm not entirely sure the model's name - this is straight off the card, with whatever Lightroom defaults to.

Model's name is Katy.

Trees and stars
upload image
Image by c@rljones
Still going through my library of images from past few weeks, just uploading images and clearing some off my drive.