Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amber.Dawn_2468457640_6d4d078709_b _CS2 _GIMP _Photofiltre _XnView

Some cool photo edit images:

Amber.Dawn_2468457640_6d4d078709_b _CS2 _GIMP _Photofiltre _XnView
photo edit
Image by jazamarripae
A(nother) Pimp My Pixels job...

of "Portrait/ Woman (Me) in front of giant leaf :)"

I couldn't decide which version I liked best
[edited with...
1. Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Lab Color mode
2. XnView, colors/brightness/contrast + sharpening
3. Photofiltre, ibid.
4. THE GIMP... :-)]
so I layered them over & mixed them up a bit


p.s. original: unedited for pimp my pixels/ fix my pic groups

photo edit
Image by randallo
Sometimes I do really well with editing, sometimes.... I don't.

Any editing secrets the photo world is keeping from me?

TSL "Meeting of Styles" LosAngelesRiver
photo edit
Image by anarchosyn
Edit, (This is my 1000 photo uploaded to Flickr)