Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cool Picture Collage images

Check out these picture collage images:

picture collage
Image by theartistbeforeyou
Drawing completed for college class Fall 2009 for 'line' assignment. Assignment-collect aerial highway pictures, cut and collage, then blow up and draw. Pencil on 18x24 paper.

photocombi: blue&red
picture collage
Image by doc(q)man
So far my digital images have only been published on the net, mostly on flickr. But when a friend recently asked for a picture of mine as a birthdaypresent I started thinking about photo-combinations to get printed up, nice and large of course!

I have now put together a number of 'photo combi's' and I would really appreciate your opinion about these. Which one would you like to see printed up and why? Or maybe you don't like the combinations at all, in which case, please, tell me so as well! Naturally, in order to best be able to judge, you should really view the large size...

Leave your comment here or as a comment to the group I have posted these ten combinations in!