Sunday, October 26, 2014

~ Champagne View ~

A few nice image upload images I found:

~ Champagne View ~
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Image by ViaMoi
~ A water filled Champagne glass showing my way home. ~ (upside down)

A new week is here, and so are we Flickrites to establish the next generation of image takers in this "IMAGE ERA" we're in.
I hope everyone's weekend was 100% good and that they can only cheer up those that had not such a nice weekend.
Spread positive possibilities my friends.

(archive image from 2006, 2009 image upload later today.)

cassandra's menorah
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Image by NPRDigiMedia
I got this Lego set as a Channukah gift from a roommate one year. Recently there was news that Lego, invented and manufactured in Denmark, would outsource its production to Mexico and the Czech Republic for cheaper labor. So this menorah contains both the joy of childhood toys, and the sadness of adult realizations. Many gifts that will be exchanged these holidays will be made under unfair labor conditions. Outsourcing may be "old news", but it's still happening in 2006 and shows no signs of stopping.

The images uploaded to as part of this contest are the sole responsibility of the artists. Views reflected in these images are not those of NPR, nor can NPR ensure appropriateness or legality of this artwork.

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Image by SteveLeoEvans
Long-eared at rest.
This seems to be an unpaired male.
He was singing & displaying in this area last spring, but there was no sight nor sound of a female present
Durham City District.

Un-edited, un-cropped iPhone 3GS image, uploaded straight off phone.