Monday, July 28, 2014

Nice Share Image photos

Check out these share image images:

(animated stereo) Triptych: printing money circa 1908 (2 of 3)
share image
Image by Thiophene_Guy
To animate view the image at original resolution (click all sizes) or simply scroll down to the second image in the triptych below.

The purpose here is not to duplicate the original image, from the Library of Congress website, but to generate a downloadable animated gif to assist viewing and presentation. Note that the original there is first generation and should have more detail.

The library of congress offers a multitude of historical images online, many needing no license to redistribute. The original 1908 image, from an Underwood & Underwood negative, is titled Man checking drying tray at U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. No known restrictions on publication. Library of Congress digital ID:

Image rotations, resizing, alignment, and animated gif generation done with StereoPhotoMaker, a freeware program by Masuji Suto & David Sykes.