Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Louisville, KY

A few nice photo card images I found:

Louisville, KY
photo card
Image by cproof
Lots of time went into this one. Enjoy and let me know your feedback, good or bad.

Broken SD Card
photo card
Image by Josh Bancroft
Rob gave me this SD card that suffered a bending accident to try to salvage. I tried everything I could, but couldn't get the card to be recognized by any of the recovery software I was using.

As you can see, the reason is that the dozens of tiny surface mount interconnects broke off when it was bent. You can't really see it well in the photo, but the connects for the controller chip are broken, too.

Sorry, Rob. Unless someone knows of a way to access the flash chip directly, that card is a goner...

photo card
Image by Rakka
it's all silvery!! :D! and the card is COVERED in queens! :D!

thanks, shed!! :D!