Friday, February 7, 2014

2011_0308 - Mustang_6

A few nice image stock images I found:

2011_0308 - Mustang_6
image stock
Image by HoskingIndustries
Hosking Industries had the pleasure of covering the 2011 NSW All Ford Day at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway recently and were able to snavel a stack of great Ford-related textures and emblem images for use with our weekly Wicked Wednesdays texture-fests. Good news for you players at home!

This week we've brought you a series of six high-resolution stock images of Ford fuel filler caps of different kinds and different years/models. While we're offering you our images free of copyright (except for the disclaimer below), we can't let you leave without warning you that your usage of the images may not always make Ford happy. So if you're thinking of making Ford-branded Tshirts or something, check your local trademark laws first. You've been warned.

As always, Hosking Industries high-resolution texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, you may not resell, repackage or redistribute these textures or generally pass them off as your own for monetary gain etc. Use them in your design projects, but don’t use them for commercial gain.