Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wild about Birmingham - Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - City Centre Living

A few nice photo gallery images I found:

Wild about Birmingham - Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - City Centre Living
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Image by ell brown
I went to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery on Saturday 13th July 2013, to check out and exhibition with one of my photos on it.

In the Wild about Birmingham exhibition. Originating from Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum.

Wild about Birmingham - I mainly looked at the display with my photo of the BT Tower, and got to meet Lynsey, who I kept in touch via e-mail! Nice to finally meet her!

It has been at Blakesley Hall and Sarehole Mill, as well as BM & AG. It will also be at Aston Hall and Soho House, as well as Thinktank (Thinktank last week July and into August).

My photo on a display called City Centre Living.

Before I went into the museum, I saw the real thing from Great Charles Street Queensway!

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - bronze busts in a room
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Image by ell brown
Now that I know that you can take photos inside the Birmingham Musuem & Art Gallery, thought I'd go along and take what I wanted (not the paintings).

This is in the part of the museum near Great Charles Street Queensway.

On Friday it opened at 10:30am and I got here just in time before the crowds showed up.

I mainly wanted to take the busts I previously saw in the art galleries.

Think I got most of them.

I've been in here before - bronze busts around a table.

BFR Series: 12 of 20
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Image by Jef Harris
I often take for granted the ease the working relationship is between Alexandra Rodionova and I. These pictures are a direct result of that comradery. If you where an onlooker on a shoot with Alex and I you would wonder why we hardly talk when we're right in the middle of taking pictures. Well, we don't need to communication, "stand this way, look that way, etc". We know each others every move. Thus is the benefit of working with a muse.
Alas, these days must come to an end. After 5 years of working together Alex is going her own way. So all I have now are there archived photo shoots to share. I'm sure once in awhile we'll team up again... the mean time I guess I'm in the market for a new muse!
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Please include head shots and full body shots. hehe
Photo by Jef Harris.