Friday, January 31, 2014

Nice My Photos photos

A few nice my photos images I found:

My wife: Anna
my photos
Image by Aleksandr Slyadnev
My wife Anna.
We went from Kiev to Odessa, and on a way have decided to stop in Uman, to make some photos. Sofievskiy park is likely the most beautiful park in Ukraine. It has been based in 1796 by earl Pototsky and presented to his wife Sofia (in honour of it and park Sofievka is named). Can you imagine yourselves the power of love and scope of romanticism at that time? To present a park in the size about 200 hectares, in which about 4000 kinds of plants?
Let's return to our trip. Unfortunately to take a walk it was not possible. There was some Jewish holiday (and in Sofievka there is a Judaic relic), and there have arrived many Israelis to Uman, and they by virtue of the impudence prevented shooting. Therefore this photo - one successful. My wife doesn't like to be photographed by me:) She wants usual, natural photos, without studio light. She says me - that differently it's work. And to work as model she doesn't want. Therefore has not many photos.
By the way, for those who read my previous post - on a photo it is the 4th month of pregnancy:)

My beautiful yellow Rose
my photos
Image by digital cat 
My beautiful yellow Rose ... Original size ... View large on black ...

... Bavaria today ... vor der Haustür ...

My dad's
my photos
Image by Blackbook 8k
My dad is painting this at the moment. It's a work in progress. Some of you may recognize the truck or the street. The piece on the truck is yet to be finished.

The photo he's painting after is taken by Konspirationsteorien

Newer photo: