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Woodmen of the World Beneficiary Certificate (1917)
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Image by origamidon
Paper Ephemera • This Beneficiary Certificate (used with permission of the Masonic Museum) website of Phoenixmasonry, Inc., was provided an interesting insurance company Woodmen of the World.

WOW was founded as a Benevolent Secret Beneficiary Fraternity, by Joseph Cullen Root, on June 6, 1890, in Omaha, Nebraska. The organization offers insurance to its members and helps those in need, to this day.

• At one time in its history, WOW did offer grave monuments to families of deceased members. Sometimes these monuments have the motto “Dum Tacet Clamat,” which means “Though Silent, He Speaks” etched on the stone.

In cemeteries (mostly in the Southwest & West) you will sometimes see gravestones with “Here Lies a Woodman of the World” engraved on them. Usually these will be accompanied by a symbol like this example. Logs, along with axes and other woodworking tools, are common motifs. Sometimes the grave markers themselves will be in the shape of logs or tree stumps, called treestones. • See an example I found in the Evergreen Cemetery in Cornwall, Vermont. • Regardless of its shape or size, Woodmen gravestones serve as a lasting tribute to its members and the ideals of Woodcraft. They also serve the Society's long standing motto that "no Woodmen shall rest in an unmarked grave."

• Here's another link from the official website of Falls City, Oregon, with a nice summary & more pix. • Of course, I should have started with Wikipedia.

The oracle called rainbow
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Image by SergioTudela
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Camera: Nikon D80
Lense: Tokina AT-X 12-24 f/4 AF PRO DX
White balance: 6700K
Exposure: 1/13 seconds
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 12mm
ISO speed: 100
Filter: Lee 0.9 Neutral Density Graduated Soft + Lee Twilight Graduated
Tripod: Manfrotto 190XPROB + Manfrotto 486RC2
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Location: Embalse de Guadalhorce , Málaga. Andalucía.
Date and time: 2009/06/04 19:38:00

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Water splitting. - Numana - Ancona - Italy.
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Image by castgen
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