Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nice Photo Backdrop photos

Some cool photo backdrop images:

Dave Adler | 3rd Athens Biennale | Monodrome Nicolas Bourriaud, Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka-Yio | Curators
photo backdrop
Image by The New Insiders | Dave Adler
Links: Dave Adler | 3rd Athens Biennale | Monodrome | Nicolas Bourriaud, Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka-Yio | Curators

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Photo by Margarita Myrogianni. Dave Adler Archive.

Frieze | Known, Unknown, Anonymous and On Death Row | by Cathryn Drake.
Studio photographs offered to US prison inmates, shown contemporaneously at the 3rd Athens Biennale in a collection gathered by documentarian David Adler, demonstrate the standardization of formal portraits, here a particularly pathological display of normalcy despite obvious circumstances to the contrary. In one, a woman in prison uniform smiles coquettishly with her hand on her hip in front of an amateurish brightly coloured abstract backdrop, the effect both clearly contrived and yet entirely genuine.

Bidoun Magazine | The Greek Example | by Tom Morton.
Geography, or at least the mapping of dead end dreams, was suggested by David Adler’s archival presentation of photographs of American prisoners posing against the images of glittering skylines, verdant valleys, and Hockney-esque swimming pools they had painted on their cell walls.