Saturday, December 7, 2013

Magic Night for Lillibet

Check out these magic photo images:

Magic Night for Lillibet
magic photo
Image by garlandcannon
For my Tiger Series. This is the same tiger as in my

The tiger's name is Gregory:
"The story plot is how can Lillibet save her giraffe? The task becomes much more difficult when Stanley, Whose feelings are hurt, decides to run away. Only with the help of Gregory Tiger, his friends and a magic night does Lillibet find a way to help and keep her beloved giraffe."

"Open the book of tales you knew by heart,
begin driving the old roads again,
repeating the old sentences, which have changed
minutely from the wordings you remembered." Adrienne Rich

Magic Mouse
magic photo
Image by Mac Users Guide
Learn more about Apple related products at Mac Users Guide. Released October, 2009 this is the first multi-touch mouse. The Magic Mouse's low-profile design and seamless top shell makes it easy to use and brings a whole new feeling to how you get around your Mac. The Multi-Touch area covers the whole top surface of the Magic Mouse allowing you to scroll on any direction, swipe through photos and click and double-click anywhere!

Magic Chef
magic photo
Image by Adam Kuban
Last night, I helped my friend Ling move a crazy-ass 42-inch plasma TV from her boyfriend's apartment to hers. (Why didn't HE move it? Good question. He was outta town, the dirty bugger, and she needed it moved NOW.)

Anyway, when I got to her place, she had a great little stovetop. A 1970s Magic Chef range with a "Whistling Kettle" resting atop. It was a scene straight out of childhood. I loved it.

I love fake woodgrain anything, so I had to get a photo.

Was this photo worth the hassle of schlepping a massive TV from Bed-Stuy to the Upper East Side? I don't know. But I'm happy to have taken it.