Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cool Image Post images

Check out these image post images:

Fur Drape
image post
Image by cobalt123
This is the second post of a series of images of fur. If you like these first four images posted today, be aware that they are the "pretty" images. Tomorrow I will be posting the rest of the series and those images will not be what most people would call beautiful...

Taken at a dealer in fur at the Quartzite annual show for art and crafts. I went there for the Rock and Gem Show venue, but the last stop of the day was to the venue I call "See All Kinds of Crap from All Over the World".

Upcoming Spring / 春間近
image post
Image by Masahiko Futami
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Autumn Vegetables
image post
Image by 'Camera baba' aka Udit Kulshrestha
This image has been processed using the Orton processing technique. Post that played with Hues & Saturation on reds yellows and green channels.

These are vegetables on a vegetable vendor's stall clicked from my rooftop.