Friday, November 29, 2013

Nice Free Photo Images photos

A few nice free photo images images I found:

Angel Cloud - HDR
free photo images
Image by Free HDR Photos -
Cloud formation shaped in a way that reminds me of a winged angel with the sun as its halo. HDR composite from multiple exposures.

This photo is released under a standard Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported. It gives you a lot of freedom to use my work commercially as long as you credit and link back to the same free image from my website,

Ghostly Imprint
free photo images
Image by art-e-ology
On the back of the little girl photo is this ghostly image. I love finding these because they are like an extra treat:) This image transfer happens when photos are stored stacked on top of each other for long periods of time. I wonder if this was her Mother?

***Please feel free to use this image in your Artwork!! After you use it, I would really love for you to come join our new group, "Free Image Tuesday Creations"!!

Love, Jamie