Saturday, November 2, 2013

Move Toward the Light

Check out these photo lighting images:

Move Toward the Light
photo lighting
Image by mbtphoto (away a lot)
Traditional silver gelatin infrared film and fiber based print developed in a darkroom by the artist. Ode to late mentor Merry Moor Winnett. Shot at Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC
.The reason the right hand side says, "Digital" is that my images are 11" x 14" or larger most of the time and will not fit into the scanner. I use my Nikon D-50 to shoot the black and white, BW Toned or BW handcolored prints to enter them on Flickr

I've got the light in my eyes...!!! / J'ai la lumière dans les yeux...!!! :)))
photo lighting
Image by Denis Collette...!!!
An impressionnist photo safari concentrated mainly on a daily basis (or almost) on my small piece of planet of 55 000 square feet…!!!
A Thoreau "waldennienne" approach…!!!

Un safari photo impressioniste au quotidien concentré essentiellement (ou presque) sur un petit morceau de planète de 55 000 pieds carrés…!!!
Une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau…!!!