Monday, November 18, 2013

Cool Image Source images

A few nice image source images I found:

Under the Docks in California
image source
Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo - Under the Docks in California
Some of you remember the great photowalk we had down in San Clemente. I really had a good time there. On my photowalks, typically I stop from time to time and tell the assembled crowd what I am doing. Well, I finally got a chance to process this quintet!

I felt fortunate to have a good friend that had an amazing condo that overlooked this same beach. Frankly, after a long day and night of shooting, I felt spoiled and happy just taking a few more steps to my pad... grabbing some cool drinks... opening the patio doors to listen to the surf... good times!

New Interview with Matt Brandon
Matt is a really nice guy, and I enjoyed our time together for the interview. He runs a website called The Digital Trekker, and he has just recently posted the interview at that link. His podcast is called "Depth of Field", so be sure to check it out!

Want to know something really strange? We were on the same flight from Tokyo to San Francisco a few weeks ago, and I didn't even know it! :) I found out about this later via Twitter -- he walked by me, and I was deeply engrossed in something on my laptop!

from the blog

Immense R.A.F. machine ready to start with its load of bombs for Germany
image source
Image by National Library of Scotland
R.A.F. planes being loaded with munitions, France, during World War I. The people involved in this scene are all engrossed in their activities and as a result unaware of the camera. The size and power of these early aircraft is conveyed quite clearly by this image.

Two types of bombs in the main were dropped from planes. Finned mortar bombs, called 'aerial torpedoes', were used for destroying targets and 'flechettes', anti-personnel darts, were used for more specific damage.

[Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT IN FRANCE. An immense R.A.F. machine ready to start with its load of bombs for Germany.']

Tri Source
image source
Image by Mr. Hermit
3 sources of light.

My outing to Alma area over Christmas. Still my favorite time out.

Exposure: 239 sec (239)
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 200

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