Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Flash Photo images

A few nice flash photo images I found:

flash photo
Image by thematthewknot
I really just uploaded this because i thought it was cool being able to see the camera/flash in the middle of my eye not because i really thought it was a good photo i didnt like how over exposed the bottom is.

Flash AS3 Organization of Documents
flash photo
Image by Dan Zen
Please see full size. A diagram of Adobe Flash document organization where C stands for class and F stands for file. The "classes" package at the top right represent custom classes that you might have. This shows how files are connected in ActionScript 3 although it was mostly like this in ActionScript 2 as well if you wanted it - but now it almost has to be like this. Hopefully this will help designers who are trying to get a handle on how to do things. We teach this and more at the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program in Oakville imm.sheridanc.on.ca