Monday, October 28, 2013

Cool Cat Image images

A few nice cat image images I found:

Dot the Cat (After Caravaggio)
cat image
Image by A.Davey
And so Dot returns to flickr after a long absence. She's been enjoying life in Portland, especially sleeping on the pillow next to Frank every night.

Now that I've taken a class on the art of the Spanish Baroque, I know this is how Dot would have looked had she been painted by the great master Michelangelo Caravggio. The deep chiaroscuro, the strong lights and darks, the splash of red - it's all there. Which is good, since it means I was off the hook as far as making adjustments to the photo.

It's been interesting learning about different ways of presenting images through painting, and applying those concepts to photography.

Punk Tom Cat Rests
cat image
Image by Chriss Pagani
It's been a long day for Punk. We hadn't seen him for a bit so I was glad to be able to capture his image.

Part of the feral cat rescue project.

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Comikaze Expo 2011 - Black Cat, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy
cat image
Image by Pop Culture Geek
photo 2011
taken by Doug Kline
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