Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nice Online Photos photos

A few nice online photos images I found:

GBP140709 false breakout
online photos
Image by Tradingrichmom
GBP channel (H 1.6303, L 1.6229)

The example above shows how Rich Mom’s Forex Online Trading System protects against false channel breakouts – Rich Mom’s system did not confirm market entry at 10:45.

For trade examples go see

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Workshifting: Scanner, Architect
online photos
Image by citrixonline
Scanner uses the most monitors of everyone who is workshifting while he stays busy architecting software for our team.

At Citrix Online, we don't just create products that help people telecommute we use them from our home offices, cafe's, hotel rooms and even by the beach!

So in honor of Telework Week (February 14-18, 2011), our employees are sharing their workshifting photos to show all the different ways you can work remotely.