Baikal Films

Just like Azov Films, I received too many e-mails requesting information about Baikal Films. The first thing I want to say here is that Baikal Films are no more too because the ZZ dude was filming inappropriate stuff. In fact, just like Azov Films, there were some good clips about family friendly naturism lifestyle but there were also some others which have been considered as not legal.

Baikal Films

Anyway, here is all I got about Baikal Films list : 

- Baikal Films brings you the best of the best in youth sports entertainment with Back Flip. Set in the Ukrainian apital of Kiev, the name of the game this time is gymnastics. The focus is on the students of the prestigious Ministry of Education and Science - Republic High School For Physical Culture. Here top teachers, coaches, and students converge in a quest for both intellectual and athletic glory. These talented youngsters study hard and they play even harder. 
At least it seems like play as their already near-perfect physiques swing through effortless routines on the rings, high bar and floor exercise. Back Flip is a fascinating look at the lives of kids who are ready to go for the gold and the Eastern European sports culture that nurtures them.

- The sport of gymnastics has been around for nearly 2000 years - its notable beginnings during the golden years of Ancient Greece, but as a modern competitive sport, its history is only a little over 100 years old. 
Nevertheless, it's also one of the most popular athletic activities for those youngsters more interested in athletics as an art, rather than combat. In the tradition of their hugely popular LITTLE WARRIORS, Baikal Films 
once again brings us into the captivating world of young Eastern European athletes in their latest release, GYM BOYS. Here a small group of adolescent pals from the Ukraine are gracefully balancing their everyday lives with the more precarious pursuit of life atop parallel bars. Without a doubt, these boys are in excellent form, mentally and physically, as they demonstrate their skills before the judges in a local competition. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you thrill to their awe-inspiring maneuvers in GYM BOYS.

- Everyone's heard of the harries father who warns his wayward son, "If you don't straighten up, you're going to military school!"  As his mother gasps in horror and his little brother grins with glee, the teenage scamp in question most probably will clean up his act--fast.  That is, if this little scene takes place in the good old USA.  But far, far away, in the city of Luhansk, Ukraine, the subject of military school plays out as quite a different story.  Here, backed by centuries of time-honored tradition, a youngster 
will rally to the call of military school.  He'll be proud to have been chosen, because so few are.  He'll come to the Ukraine Military Luhansk Lyceum, the exemplary institution of learning, already a boy of good standing.  
He'll also wish to excel further, both academically and physically.  Here, along with his new comrades in the Ukrainian military prep school, he'll accomplish that and much more.  Together, they will learn to work as one unit--shouldering the duties and responsibilities of young men and soldiers of tomorrow, but for now they'll proudly be known as HIGH SCHOOL CADETS.

- Originating on the island of Okinawa and migrating to mainland Japan in 1921, karate is a synthesis of indigenous Okinawan fighting methods and Southern Chinese martial arts.  Roughly translated as "The Way of the Empty Hand," it is best known for its explosive strikes, kicks, and punches.  But body-to-body grappling and mat-pounding take-downs are also a large part of the 
highly effective arsenal belonging to the karate master.  Now meet nearly twenty of these young masters in Baikal Films' KARATE BOYS.  Set in Bukovina region of the Ukraine, this group of youngsters is an athletic wonder to behold.  Suited up in traditional "ghee" and ever-mindful of time-honored civility, they bow gracefully before, and after, every match, but in between they're lean, mean, fighting machines - swift of mind and potentially lethal in their precision.  Yet, when the workouts are over, the sweet nature of these kids is what really shines through.  In nearby woods, they throw down a delectable picnic spread which they are most happy to share with a stray dog.  Yes, these fierce fighting lads have heart.  And that may be the greatest joy of all in viewing KARATE BOYS many times over.

- Most people believe modern-day kickboxing originated in Thailand, Japan or elsewhere in the Far East.  In fact, it originated in America and is known by it's read name, full contact karate.  During the mid-seventies, various American tournament karate practitioners became frustrated with the limitations of the then primitive competition scoring system.  They wanted to find a system within which they could apply kicks and punches to the knockout.  
Full-contact karate was born.  From there it jumped to Asia and the Far East.  Set amid the old-world charm of the Bukovina region of the Ukraine, director Igor Kostenyuk's skilled camera follows an exuberant group of youngsters, ages eight to sixteen, as they prepare for an athletic demonstration at the local sports stadium.  These fresh-faced athletes may look sweet and innocent, but don't let the blush of youth fool you.  As they strap on gear and limber up lithe young muscles, it's clear they mean serious business.  
Each one is a master of deadly precision with punches, kicks, and spins that will leave you dizzy.  They know how to be playful boys and are just as eager to share that part of their lives too, resulting in a video viewing experience you'll want to enjoy many times over.

- Baikal Films continues its delightful series of videos featuring the young athletes of Siberia with Little Dolphins. This time the spirited sports action is aquatic in this 2 DVD collectors edition. Here, at The Dolphin swim club, dozens of sleek-muscled, young water sprites strut their stuff in a day of exciting competitive sprints. But first meet our fifteen-year-old narrator and guide, blond and lanky, Sasha.  This instantly charming kid can barely keep his huge boxer shorts up as he proudly pumps a few weights, grabs a shower and finally introduces himself and his best pals, Pasha and Valodya, to the audience.  From their first moments together on the screen, it's obvious these boys are indeed the very best of friends.  Whether clowning around an old Soviet military armament exhibit, or boldly skinny dipping in a sparkling stream, there is a level of intimacy here that is totally fascinating and lots of fun.  But when our boys hit the pool, it's time for some serious splashin' action.  For this is when Sasha, Pasha and Valodya get down to business, in a wet and wild competition against each other...and the rest of the Little Dolphins.

- Eastern Europe is famous for its harsh winters.  So the few weeks each year when the sun shines brightly, most Ukrainians take full advantage of it, none more so that the spirited group of youngsters in Baikal Films latest effort River High.  
Join a dozen rambunctious boys, on the cusp of adolescence, as they undertake an adventurous trek deep into the Ukrainian forest for an overnight camp-out.  With forty-eight hours of joyous freedom, they get a chance to enjoy the precious sunshine, show off their athletic skills and even don a little war-paint.  All in all, great fun-in-the-sun memories to enjoy all year 'round!

This is what I got for Baikal Films boys. The ZZ guy did a great job on some of his videos but yet he just made some big mistake by filming some things that are really not appropriate. That's why he has been banned.